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Tetra Gun on Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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TV show #ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Season 9 Episode 2 #GunFeverTooStillHot featured a guy at a #GunShow who was sitting there #CleaningGuns with #TetraGunTripleAction and the #CleaningRod from our #ValuPro #GunCleaningKit while he defends #GunRights #2A #DefenseTheSecondAmendment #DontTreadOnMe #NRA #SecondAmendmentFoundation




Thoughts on Dry Firing from Tetra® Gun Care

As a leader in the gun care market and manufacturer of cleaners and lubricants, Tetra Gun knows how to keep your firearms in excellent working condition. However, there is more to gun care than cleaning. For instance, dry firing, or simulated shooting, is generally not recommended and can be harmful to your firearm. If you dry fire a rimfire firearm, [...]

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Quick & Easy Bore Cleaning with Tetra® Gun Bore Boa™

The best way to thoroughly clean your bore is to use ProSmith™ premium bore rods along with bronze brushes and cleaning solvents, such as Tetra® Gun Copper Solvent and Action Blaster™. To properly condition your bore, use the rods along with patches or mops to apply Tetra® Gun Lubricant, making many passes to ensure good contact with the bore surfaces [...]

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Storage Tips

FTI, Inc. pioneered synthetic lubricants in the 1980s with its invention of the original Tetra® Gun Grease, a fluoropolymer white lubricant designed to withstand the elements under diverse conditions. Since then, many other products have come to market with promises of performance, but Tetra® Gun care remains the premier source for advanced lubrication technology for shooters worldwide.The science behind Tetra® Gun [...]

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Tetra Gun Lubricant Proven During Hunting in Extreme Cold

A ‪#‎TetraGun‬ customer told our dealer ‪#‎Sarco‬ about one of the last Polar Bear hunts from many years ago. In the picture below, John from PA bagged this 1,300 lb.+ bear in Alaska with a .375 H&H ‪#‎Remington700‬ at 40 yards. The most awesome part of the story is that the wind chill [...]

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Tetra® Gun Prosmith™ One Piece Cleaning Rod available in 19” length for AR-style Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) .223 cal. / 5.56mm

Tetra® Gun care Prosmith™ One Piece Cleaning Rod now available in 19” length that’s ideal for AR-style Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) .223 cal. / 5.56mm.  The steel rods are made in the USA based on the industry standard 8/32 threading.  Coated with DuPont Tufcoat® for added bore protection.  Brush, jag and mop and other accessories available.

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Tetra® Gun Care Introduces Carbon Cleaner Products

FLORHAM PARK, NJ, December 7, 2015 -- FTI, Inc., a pioneer in advanced lubrication and cleaning technology, introduces Tetra® Gun Carbon Cleaner solution, which will be available in different package types, including: jars for both small parts cleaning- and pre-saturated cotton patches; bottled product; and a foaming bore cleaner aerosol.Tetra® Gun Carbon Cleaner was specially formulated to eliminate carbon buildup [...]

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Cleaning & Lubricating Your Bolt Action Rifle with Tetra® Gun Care Products

As many shooters would agree, the one-stage recoil of a bolt action rifle makes the firearm simpler and more reliable than a modern sporting rifle. However, even though there are fewer moving components that could potentially fail, there is still plenty to consider in terms of preventive maintenance. With generally tight tolerances between the action and the bolt, pressure and [...]

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