The Ideal Accessory for Applying Grease

Posted by Greg Cohen, General Manager on 21st May 2015

Tetra® Gun Tapered-Tip Swabs are an excellent accessory that was recently added to the product line to fill an important niche in gun care. When applying Tetra® Gun Grease to semi-auto pistol rails, or to more effectively reach fouling in the narrow crease by the rails, the pointed shape of t …

Firearms Author Dr. Walter Kuleck is a Veteran Tetra Gun Care Supporter

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 12th May 2015

One of the many firearms industry experts who have consistently appreciated Tetra® Gun care products for many years is Dr. Walt Kuleck. He is the author of The Complete Guides series, including Owners’ and Assembly Guides for the M1911, AR-15 and Ruger 10/22, as well as Assembly Guides f …

Popular Calibers of Rifle Rounds & the Impact that Round Size has on Cleaning

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 1st May 2015

Tetra® Gun care offers shooters a full range of advanced cleaning solvents, lubricants, and accessories to make firearms maintenance easier and more effective. No matter what type of rifle you have and what rounds you’re shooting, proper cleaning and lubrication are essential. While I’m sure …