Shotgun Cleaning Tips

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 23rd Apr 2015

Cleaning a shotgun is fast and easy when using Tetra® Gun care cleaning solvents and lubricants, along with ProSmith™ accessories. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the time you spend at the gun bench. Saturate a bore mop or cotton patch with Tetra® Gun Copper Solven …

Key Lubrication Points on a Semi-Automatic Pistol

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 15th Apr 2015

Tetra® Gun care has over 25 years of expertise in firearms lubrication and maintenance, and offers advanced fluoropolymer-based Tetra® Gun Grease and Lubricant for the best protection available. Here are a few tips for properly lubricating your semi-automatic pistol. For semi-automatic …

Grease vs. Lubricating Oil

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 2nd Apr 2015

The most common question in firearms lubrication is, “Should I use grease or oil?” The answer is: using one or the other or both is really a matter of personal preference. ‘Grease’, which is a lubricant supplied in a thick paste form, is typically recommended for critical contact and wear s …