Gun Market Trends towards Synthetic-Safe Aerosol Cleaners

Gun Market Trends towards Synthetic-Safe Aerosol Cleaners

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 30th Mar 2015

From synthetic gun stocks and wood treatments to rubber mag bumpers and soft plastic accessories, modern firearms feature materials that are vulnerable to accelerated wear when strong cleaning solvents are introduced. In other words, shooters need to be careful when applying gun care products.

Tetra® Gun Action Blaster Synthetic-Safe was introduced to deliver the same thorough cleaning as the original Action Blaster while addressing the need to protect synthetic firearm finishes. With so many polymer and specialty finished firearms on the market today, traditional solvent products have become a concern for many gun owners. As much as people enjoy using strong solvents to remove hard buildup, these products were never designed for use on anything but gun steel.

Tetra® Gun Action Blaster Synthetic-Safe aerosol is an effective cleaner degreaser that leaves minimal residue. This residue remains so that it can continue to clean metal surfaces. After several minutes, wipe off the remaining residue with a clean, dry cotton cloth. The treated areas will then be ready for lubrication with Tetra® Gun Lubricant or Tetra® Gun Spray.

The new polymer-safe cleaners are not as aggressive as their predecessors, as they are designed not to damage soft synthetic parts. Nevertheless, they will effectively remove fouling. I strongly recommend taking advantage of Tetra® Gun Grease, Lubricant and Spray, which will not only lubricate firearm parts and provide rust protection, but also reduce the accumulation of fouling, which will make future cleaning easier.

One common misunderstanding is that the finish on a new firearm will eventually deteriorate. Whether it’s a camouflage pattern or a special coating or treatment, don’t assume that the manufacturer is making a worry-free product. If you aren’t careful, you can easily compromise your firearm’s finish by using solvents that are too aggressive. Some iron sights, for example, are made with white dots or glow paint that can be easily cleaned off. So, as with anything, proceed with caution.

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