Key Lubrication Points on a Semi-Automatic Pistol

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 15th Apr 2015

Tetra® Gun care has over 25 years of expertise in firearms lubrication and maintenance, and offers advanced fluoropolymer-based Tetra® Gun Grease and Lubricant for the best protection available. Here are a few tips for properly lubricating your semi-automatic pistol.

For semi-automatic pistols and firearms in general, lubrication is needed to address both sliding friction and impact wear. Additionally, treating exposed gun metal surfaces is recommended for guns without finishes, or simply for aesthetics.

On the receiver, if you properly lubricate with Tetra® Gun Grease under the hook shaped part of the connector on most semi-auto pistols, you will prevent a rough trigger pull. This is in addition to lubricating the trigger assembly itself. Specifically, that should be where the rear end of the trigger bar touches the connector at the right rear corner of the frame. If you don’t address this, you will experience excessive wear.

For the slide, run a thin bead of Tetra® Gun Grease along the inside groove of both slide rails. Find the contact surfaces where the slide meets the frame. Apply some Grease there as well. Polish in Tetra® Lubricant oil inside the front of the slide towards the ejection port. Also, lubricate the slide where the locking lug recess makes contact. On many pistols, the rear of the lug is critical.

Since there is variation in hardware design, the friction points, contact surfaces and areas of excessive wear will be unique for each pistol. In general, the barrel should be lubricated inside and out with Tetra® Gun Lubricant, while ensuring that there is zero visible lubricant inside of the barrel. You should be minimally invasive. The front of the barrel hood between the slide and the ejection port area can use modest treatment, as well as the barrel tip outside the front muzzle break. Where the slide rubs against the barrel is another key wear point, as many guns display abrasion marks there after heavy use.

Other parts like the recoil guide rod, recoil spring and mag release button may also need a drop of Tetra® Gun Lubricant oil. The magazine itself can be opened and cleaned out. Lubrication in the magazine is a good idea because it will minimize future buildup, and enhance ejection along the outer walls of the magazine.

Also, it is important not to over-lubricate. The firing pin and firing pin channel are to be kept dry and free of lubricants and solvent residue to ensure a clean strike of the primer.

Lastly, even though lubrication is the key to a smooth operating firearm, you need to properly prepare surfaces by thorough cleaning. Tetra® Gun care accessories like Bronze and Nylon Brushes, Bore Mops, Brass Jags, Cotton Patches, Cotton Swabs and other items will be necessary to get the job done properly. When you apply Tetra® Gun Grease and Lubricant to clean, dry surfaces, you can better protect the gun metal from future buildup while creating a reliable, fire-ready condition for your firearms.

Visit the Tetra® Tech and Gun Care FAQs for more information on proper lubrication. Also make sure to go to the  Online Store to purchase any of Tetra® Gun care’s lubricating products, cleaning solvents and accessories.