Quick & Easy Bore Cleaning with Tetra® Gun Bore Boa™

Quick & Easy Bore Cleaning with Tetra® Gun Bore Boa™

Posted by Greg Cohen on 28th Oct 2016

The best way to thoroughly clean your bore is to use ProSmith™ premium bore rods along with bronze brushes and cleaning solvents, such as Tetra® Gun Copper Solvent and Action Blaster™. To properly condition your bore, use the rods along with patches or mops to apply Tetra® Gun Lubricant, making many passes to ensure good contact with the bore surfaces for optimum lubricant penetration. However, this method is not always convenient – particularly when you’re in the field or at the range. A solution for quick and easy bore cleaning and lubrication that maximizes convenience is the Tetra® Gun Bore Boa™.

A distinct benefit of using the Bore Boa™ for pistols, rifles and shotguns is that it provides full contact with all surfaces of the bore at all times. As a result, the surface coverage of the Bore Boa™ makes it an excellent means to apply cleaners and/or lubricants. Using Tetra® Gun Triple Action™ CLP with the Bore Boa™ is a great way to clean, lubricate and protect in one step with every treatment. This adds even more convenience for bore cleaning and conditioning on the go.

Since bore cleaning ropes like the Bore Boa™ accumulate fouling in the threads during the bore cleaning process, periodic washing is recommended. Soaking the Bore Boa™ in a container with Tetra® Gun Cleaner Degreaser™ is the best way, although dish soap or detergent is sufficient.

So when you’re in the field or at the range, or just away from your bench, use the Bore Boa™ with Triple Action™ for cleaning and conditioning, in between proper cleanings. Every little bit you do for you firearm will help protect your investment and keep your firearm operating properly.

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