Shotgun Cleaning Tips

Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 23rd Apr 2015

Cleaning a shotgun is fast and easy when using Tetra® Gun care cleaning solvents and lubricants, along with ProSmith accessories. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the time you spend at the gun bench.

Saturate a bore mop or cotton patch with Tetra® Gun Copper Solvent, and run it down the barrel with a Prosmith one piece cleaning rod or ValuPro III collapsible cleaning rod. To ensure the right amount of contact inside the bore, match the caliber/gauge size of the accessory to the caliber/gauge of the barrel.

Once you have soaked the inside of the barrel for 15 to 30 minutes (the longer the better if you want to reduce brushing), run the mop through again once. Solvents are designed to be strong and effective, so remember to prevent contact with non-metal gun parts.

Next, run a bronze or nylon brush through the barrel to loosen up stubborn plastic wadding or lead fouling. Then, clean the brush with Tetra® Gun Action Blaster to neutralize the solvent. For bronze brushes, this will help the brush last longer. Also, spray Tetra® Gun Action Blaster into the breech (muzzle pointed down over a cloth) to clear the chamber of any residue. In other words, it would be a mistake to push debris back up towards the action.

Then, run a dry patch or clean mop through the barrel to remove any remaining solvent or fouling residue. Remove the chokes and clean them with Tetra® Gun Action Blaster as well. Use a bronze or nylon all-purpose brush to remove stubborn deposits. Finish by wiping the part dry with a clean cloth. Now, you are ready to lubricate.

Apply Tetra® Gun Grease to the choke threads before returning the chokes to the barrel. Do not use an excessive amount. In general, if you over-lubricate, you are wasting product as well as potentially interfering with the smooth operation of gun parts.

Saturate a clean mop or cotton patch with Tetra® Gun Lubricant after shaking the bottle. By running the mop or patch through the bore 10 to 20 times, you will be “treating” the bore, making cleaning much easier going forward. The Tetra® Gun care bore treatment coats the gun metal surfaces, making it more difficult for residue to adhere to and penetrate gun parts. What’s more, you will be enhancing the barrel’s operability.

For the last step, run a dry mop or patch through the bore 10 to 20 times to help work the Tetra® fluoropolymer particles into the pores of the metal. When complete, visually inspect and see a dry-like, super smooth finish. The lubricant works microscopically, so trust it. You’re firearm is now clean and protected!

Tetra® Gun care offers a complete range of cleaning solvents, lubricants, rods and accessories for the ultimate in firearms maintenance. Visit the Tetra® Tech and Gun Care FAQs pages for more information and tips. And make sure to go to our Online Store to place an order today!