Storage Tips

Posted by Greg Cohen, GM, FTI, Inc. on 7th Jun 2016

FTI, Inc. pioneered synthetic lubricants in the 1980s with its invention of the original Tetra® Gun Grease, a fluoropolymer white lubricant designed to withstand the elements under diverse conditions. Since then, many other products have come to market with promises of performance, but Tetra® Gun care remains the premier source for advanced lubrication technology for shooters worldwide.

The science behind Tetra® Gun Grease and Gun Lubricant is the unique fluoropolymer particle. Measuring only a few microns, the lubricant delivers spherical particles into the pores of gunmetal. That, along with the other proprietary ingredients, creates a ball-bearing smooth surface that keeps your firearm operational within a wide operating temperature range, as well as in dirt, dust, sand and humid environments.

Many shooters run into trouble when they do one of two things: they either over-lubricate, or they contaminate gun parts with pre-existing solvent residue. Over-lubricating causes an accumulation of excess product on top of the metal surfaces, which attracts fouling and becomes detrimental to smooth operation, firing rate, and numerous additional items, particularly where the bore is concerned. (* Note that a slightly heavier coat of Grease is beneficial on the high-wear areas in the action.) To avoid contaminating gun parts after cleaning, the cleaner should be thoroughly removed. If solvent residue is left in the firearm, it can cause problems by virtue of its cleaning function, wreaking havoc on the lubricant and protectant properties. In general, trust that the product is working under the surface, and make sure to apply lubricant to clean, dry parts for the reasons noted above.

Here’s another tip if you want to take firearm storage to the next level: after lubricating a firearm thoroughly, place the firearm in a plastic bag that can be sealed air-tight. Try to remove as much air as possible to replicate a vacuum-sealed package. Then, fold it over, and wrap with duct tape. Remember, exposure to oxygen leads to oxidation, which equals rust and corrosion.

Tetra® Gun care offers a full range of lubricants, cleaning solvents, kits and accessories for the ultimate in firearms maintenance. Visit the online store for more information.