Tetra® Gun Care Pistol Cleaning and Lubrication Tips

Tetra® Gun Care Pistol Cleaning and Lubrication Tips

Posted by Greg Cohen, General Manager on 30th Sep 2015

When performing initial firearms maintenance on a new revolver or semi-automatic pistol, use Tetra® Gun Grease and Tetra® Gun Lubricant oil to pretreat metal surfaces. Since the firearm has never been used and the metal parts and the bore haven’t been affected by use, it can be cleaned and lubricated easily and effectively without having to introduce harsh solvents or metal brushes. The rule of thumb is: be as gentle as possible, and only use something stronger as necessary.

When cleaning the pistol after it has been fired, start with environmentally-safe, low-residue, water-based Tetra® Gun Cleaner Degreaser, followed by synthetic Tetra® Gun Lubricant. If the pistol has been previously conditioned with Tetra® Gun Grease or Lubricant, then most likely only light fouling will be encountered, which can be lightly wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. Essentially, the grease or oil is acting as a buffer between the metal surface and the outside environment, so carbon residue particles don’t easily cling. In other words, with proper treatment, you can achieve ’less cleaning, more shooting.’

For handguns, problems can be encountered once strong solvents and harmful residue are introduced. Cleaners are meant to clean, but the solvent residue must be removed so that the grease or oil can make contact with the metal and do their jobs. Solvent residue simply gets in the way, and can react with lubricants and make a mess.

New Tetra® Gun Cleaner Degreaser safely and easily cleans metal surfaces prior to lubrication, and leaves nearly no residue. Ideally, lubricants should be applied only to clean, dry parts. Spray parts generously with Cleaner Degreaser until wet and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe off light fouling with cotton patches or a cloth. For added action, scrub the parts with a Tetra® Gun Double-Ended Nylon Brush, or similar. A bronze brush can be used if you prefer. Then, spray again, and wipe metal surfaces until dry.

When the last cotton patch used is visibly clean, Tetra® Gun Grease and Lubricant oil can be applied. Typically, Grease is used for high-wear surfaces such as triggers and semi-auto rails, while Lubricant is more universally applied, including in the barrel. Remember to polish Lubricant into metal surfaces until it is no longer visible. Trust what you don’t see; the technology works sub-micronically under the surface.

Lastly, to spray parts down with a cleaner and lubricant, we recommend our Tetra® Gun Spray, which is similar to a synthetic CLP. Just spray and wipe off excess. Now you have a thoroughly cleaned and conditioned handgun that will stay cleaner, longer.

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