Tetra® Gun Care Solutions for Choke Tube Cleaning & Lubrication

Posted by Greg Cohen, General Manager on 17th Aug 2015

Stuck choke tubes are caused by corrosion and the high stress of steel shot loads. The extreme temperature changes and pressure from repetitive shooting cause the choke tubes to seize. You can best prevent this by using a superior anti-seize lubricant, such as Tetra® Gun Grease. By treating the metal, you are guaranteeing ease in choke tube insertion and removal for all regular and stainless steel tubes. Carlson’s Choke Tubes is one leading manufacturer that has been successful with Tetra® Gun Care Synthetic Lubricant technology. One tube of Tetra® Gun Grease will last you a long time, as each treatment impregnates the pores of the metal and prevents seizure, even under the most extreme conditions that you will experience with your shotgun.

So whether you are shooting clay or skeet, or duck hunting, preventive care of the choke tube during regular barrel cleaning is important to prevent seizure from rust or accumulated buildup. Petroleum-based solvent residue is often found to be the culprit!

Even though there is hardware variation, in general, follow these maintenance steps:

  1. Screw the choke tube off the barrel. Clean the threads carefully using Tetra® Gun Triple Action™ CLP and
    a bronze brush. 
  2. Then lubricate both the choke- and barrel threads with Tetra® Gun Grease. 
  3. Lubricate the bore with Tetra® Lubricant oil. 
  4. Finally, affix the tube back into position until manually tight. Grease will also work great for other parts that
    can seize, like the breech plug and nipples.

Other helpful Tetra® Gun Care accessories are the nylon brush for cleaning, and cotton swab applicators for applying Grease to the threads. Tetra® Gun Prosmith™ Cleaning Rods with the correct caliber bore mop accessories can be used for final barrel swabbing. Tetra® Gun Copper Solvent can also be used to breakdown and remove harder buildup. 

The next time you go shooting, you might very well discover that your pattern performance will improve, and your follow-up cleaning will be easier. 

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