Tetra Gun Lubricant Proven During Hunting in Extreme Cold

Posted by Greg Cohen on 13th Apr 2016


A ‪#‎TetraGun‬ customer told our dealer ‪#‎Sarco‬ about one of the last Polar Bear hunts from many years ago. In the picture below, John from PA bagged this 1,300 lb.+ bear in Alaska with a .375 H&H ‪#‎Remington700‬ at 40 yards. The most awesome part of the story is that the wind chill that day was -72oF, and the rifle was conditioned with ‪#‎Tetra‬ ‪#‎Gun‬ ‪#‎Lubricant‬. He said it was as smooth as if it were June.