The Importance of Using a Bore Guide when Cleaning a Rifle Barrel

The Importance of Using a Bore Guide when Cleaning a Rifle Barrel

Posted by Greg Cohen, General Manager on 27th Aug 2015

When cleaning a bolt action rifle, use the Tetra® Gun ProSmith™ Universal Bore Guide to help guide the cleaning rod and attachment straight down the bore, whether using a brush, mop or jag. By doing so, you will prevent the rod from bowing, which will protect the bore from unnecessary abrasion and scratches, which can cause damage and affect shooting performance over time.

Additionally, by utilizing the Guide’s special fluid port, you can pour solvent directly into the port instead of through the open end of the guide, which will help you avoid spills. By properly aligning the cleaning rod, you will reduce if not prevent solvent overflow as well. Remember, it is important to keep cleaners and solvents away from the trigger assembly and receiver, not to mention your stock finish. Although the bolt is removed for cleaning, please note that some rifles must be cleaned from the muzzle end. In that scenario, be extra careful to not push debris into the chamber and receiver.

With the use of the appropriately-sized Interchangeable tip, the Tetra® Gun ProSmith™ Universal Bore Guide should work with most cleaning rods, but the Tetra® Gun ProSmith™ coated one-piece rods and ValuPro™ III sectional rods are the best choice.

In any case, a rifle barrel has history, as every round fired through it, and every rod stroke made, is essentially recorded on that metal surface. So, take extra care when cleaning and lubricating. We recommend the following lubricants and cleaners for your arsenal: Tetra® Gun Grease, Tetra® Gun Lubricant oil, Tetra® Gun Copper Solvent, Tetra® Gun Triple Action™ CLP, Tetra® Gun Spray, Tetra® Gun Action Blaster™, Tetra® Gun Lubricating Wipes and Tetra® Gun Blue & Rust Remover.

You can find all of the high-quality Tetra® Gun care products mentioned here in our Online Store. Also make sure to visit the Tetra® Tech and Gun Care FAQs sections for more information.