Thoughts on Dry Firing from Tetra® Gun Care

Thoughts on Dry Firing from Tetra® Gun Care

Posted by Greg Cohen on 30th Oct 2016

As a leader in the gun care market and manufacturer of cleaners and lubricants, Tetra Gun knows how to keep your firearms in excellent working condition. However, there is more to gun care than cleaning. For instance, dry firing, or simulated shooting, is generally not recommended and can be harmful to your firearm. If you dry fire a rimfire firearm, in particular, you can damage the striker and/or the chamber wall, leading to future malfunctions if not permanently damaging the firing pin. This is not an issue for centerfire rifles, but you still should use snap caps, dummy rounds or ideally live ammo when you engage a firearm, as it was intended. Additionally, damage to the barrel face could prevent future rounds from chambering.

Dry firing is not a pure substitute for a live fire, but ‘trigger time’ repetition is at the heart of firearms training to develop one’s skills. Practice, practice, practice.

When in doubt, refer to your firearm manufacturers’ user’s manual to get their opinion on firearms care, operability and safety. Additionally, always make sure to keep your firearm properly cleaned and lubricated, whether you’re using it on a daily basis, or storing it for long periods of time. See other discussions on proper gun care in the Tetra Tech and FAQs section of this website, or go to the Online Store to order any of the wide range of products offered by Tetra® Gun care.