Troubleshooting Tips for Cleaning Rod Accessory Threading

Posted by Greg Cohen, General Manager on 29th Sep 2015

Tetra® Gun Prosmith™ and ValuPro™ III Cleaning Rods all use the industry standard 8-32 threading for most barrels, from .22 cal. to .50 cal.; a 5-40 threading for .17 cal. and .204 cal.; and a 5/16-27 size for shotguns, including 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge.

Firearm enthusiasts run into trouble when they purchase bronze brushes, mops or jags that don’t fit the rod they’re using. In the case of using one brand of cleaning rod, and trying to match it up with another brand with the same threading, there is a chance for size incompatibility. So, the best move is to stick with one brand, such as Tetra® Gun care, which offers a full array of caliber sizes for each accessory category.

There is also the possibility of the threading getting mashed, causing a legitimate failure when attempting to screw on the accessory. You probably can’t fix that, but if you are lucky, dirty threading could be cured with a little Tetra® Gun Grease or Tetra® Gun Lubricant oil. That’s also a good solution for the threading in portable, sectional cleaning rods.

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