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  • Triple Action™ CLP

    Triple Action™ CLP

    Our popular Triple ActionTM CLP 2 oz. bottle• All-in-one cleaner, lubricant and protectant (CLP) • Petroleum-based• Value-priced  

  • Tetra® Gun Lubricating Gun & Reel Cloth

    Tetra® Gun Lubricating Gun & Reel Cloth

    Protects against Rust & Corrosion,  Eliminates Fingerprints• Convenient dry lubrication• Polishes metal surfaces• Protects against rust & corrosion• Removes fingerprints & residue• Long-lasting formula  

  • Tetra® Gun Lubricating Wipes

    Tetra® Gun Lubricating Wipes

    Clean, Lubricate & Protect• Easy, convenient and handy disposable wipes saturated with a Mil-Spec formula• Provide immediate protection to your valuable and rust-prone firearms• 50 wipes per container  

  • Tetra® Gun Grease 1 oz.

    Tetra® Gun Grease 1 oz.

    Protect Metal-to-Metal Surfaces with this Heavy-duty, Fluoropolymer White Grease• Widest operating temperature range -100°F to 750°F• Bonds to metals; smooths and protects• Reduces friction• Quick to apply, easy to use•...

  • Tetra® Gun Lead Removal Cloth

    Tetra® Gun Lead Removal Cloth

    Quick and Easy Way to Remove Lead from Your Barrel• Eliminates lead and burn marks• Cleans carbon build-up• For use on stainless steel firearms, handguns, rifles, shotguns and black powder guns• Easy-to-use  

  • Tetra® Gun Blue and Rust Remover

    Tetra® Gun Blue and Rust Remover

    Quickly Removes Rust and Old Blue Finishes Easily without Damaging the Base Metal• Removes rust from guns, tools, gauges, precision equipment, etc. • Removes old blueing• Fast-acting & easy-to-use• Primes surfaces effectively...

  • Tetra® Gun Liquid Blue

    Tetra® Gun Liquid Blue

    For Steel Touch-up and Complete Re-Blue• New additive further enriches color and reduces treatment time• Excellent for scratches and touch-ups• Easy-to-use, non-streaking• Each coat up to seven layers deepens the desired finish. Apply...

  • Tetra® Gun Lens Cleaner

    Tetra® Gun Lens Cleaner

    Designed with a non-streaking, anti-fog formula, this new Lens Cleaner provides great results on sights, scopes, binoculars and glasses. 

32 of 32 Items