Patch Holder
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  • Convenient Brass Patch Holder for ProSmith Cleaning Patches

    ProSmith™ Brass Patch Holder

    Convenient Brass Patch Holder for ProSmithTM Cleaning PatchesMade from solid brass, the slotted tip brass patch holder has a rugged design to work with Tetra® Gun premium cleaning patches for precision cleaning every time. Fits all ProSmithTM rifle...

  • Close tolerance fit provides maximum cleaning power and versatility

    ProSmith™ Brass Jags

    Close Tolerance Fit Provides Maximum Cleaning Power and Versatility• Industry standard 8-32 male thread (5-40 for .17 Cal. & .204 Cal.)• 5/16-27 male thread (12, 20, 28 & 410 Gauge)• Accommodates all ProSmith™ cleaning...

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