Introducing the Ultimate
in Bicycle Cleaning and Lubrication.

Introducing Tetra® Bike care, the latest high-performance product line for bicycle cleaning and lubrication. Developed by FTI, Inc., a pioneer in advanced lubrication and cleaning technology for over 25 years, the Tetra® Bike care product line offers cyclists the technology they need to keep their bikes operating at peak performance, with minimal cleaning and maintenance time.

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  • Tetra® Bike Performance Wash

    Tetra® Bike Performance Wash

    Tested #1 Against Other Bike Washes Quick & easy cleaning Thoroughly removes road grime from painted surfaces Just spray and wipe Gentle formula, mild aroma, biodegradable Low residue

  • Tetra® Bike Tune-Up Spray

    Tetra® Bike Tune-Up Spray

    All-Purpose Cleaning & Lubricating Spray for Routine Maintenance Quick & easy cleaning Breaks down light grime & grease buildup Leaves a light film of Tetra® Bike Lubricant For use on all metal parts Ideal for chains, derailleurs,...

  • Tetra® Bike Cleaner

    Tetra® Bike Cleaner

    New ‘Green’ Water-Based Formula Removes lubricant, road grime, dirt, dust & other debris No harsh solvents or foul odors Use full strength on drivetrain; dilute for overall bike cleaning Includes rust inhibitor Leaves minimal...

  • Tetra® Bike Dry Lubricant

    Tetra® Bike Dry Lubricant

    Designed for Dry, Dusty Conditions Reduces friction and wear Enhances cleaning Improves performance Long-lasting Makes a great cleat lubricant

  • Tetra® Bike Tough Brush

    Tetra® Bike Tough Brush

    Double-Ended Design with Stiff Nylon Bristles for Hard Scrubbing Action•  Tough, durable construction•  Works great with Tetra® Bike•  Cleaner Degreaser & Lubricant•  Scrubs away road grime, dirt,...

  • Tetra® Bike Lubricant

    Tetra® Bike Lubricant

    Revolutionary Fluoropolymer Technology Delivers All-Conditions Treatment Widest operating temperature range (-100°F to +750°F) Synthetic lubricant and protectant Bonds to metals and prevents rust Promotes long-lasting...

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