Q: What is Tetra® Gun white Grease made of:  lithium or Teflon®?

A: Tetra® Gun Grease is a unique synthetic lubricant formula.  Grease is a “Fluoropolymer Penetrating Heavy-Duty Grease Lubricant.”  Grease does not contain lithium. 

Q: What is the difference between Tetra® Gun Grease and Tetra® Gun Lubricant?

A:  Tetra® Gun Grease is the paste version of our lubricant technology, with the highest fluoropolymer content. Tetra® Gun Grease is the thickest lubricant of the three products. Tetra® Gun Lubricant has an oil consistency, but it is not called an oil.  They are both based on the same fluoropolymer technology. We offer these different physical forms for a good reason:  Grease is best used on high-friction areas where you want the lubrication to remain at that site; Lubricant is intended to migrate to difficult-to-reach spots, due to its oil consistency, and is easier to work in over larger surface areas.

Q: How and where do you use each of these products?

A: Typically, Tetra® Gun Grease is meant for high-wear moving parts such as semi-auto pistol rails and bolt actions, as it stays in place. Tetra® Lubricant has a lower viscosity, and is more of an all-purpose lubricant that can be used anywhere you need lubrication, even in the tightest, hardest-to-reach parts.

Q: How do I use the lubricants?

A: Wherever metal touches metal, for best results, you want to work the lubricant into the metal parts so that you penetrate the pores in the metal.  At that point, you will have a ball bearing-smooth surface that will minimize friction and buildup, smooth out your action, and enhance performance in areas such as firing rate, muzzle velocity, and accuracy.

Q: How are Tetra® lubricants different from other brands?

A: There are many brands of firearm lubricants on the market, but none of them can penetrate metal surfaces as well, or provide the lasting lubrication needed for sustainable performance, while acting as a barrier to future fouling. 

Q: What is the difference between your different aerosols?

A: Tetra® Gun Action Blaster™ is a solvent cleaner.  The product is especially effective at breaking up and eliminating buildup in the bore.  Synthetic-Safe Action Blaster™ is a gentler formula that is meant for shooters who are using firearms with polymer frames and plastic parts.  Tetra® Gun Spray is a lighter CLP-type formula that cleans, then leaves a residue of our Tetra® lubricating technology.

Q: Will Tetra® products gum up my guns?

A:  No.  Unlike many traditional gun care products, Tetra® lubricants and cleaners do not contain petroleum products, which are the leading cause of gumming up, which leads to jams.  For best results, follow our application instructions and don’t cross-contaminate with other technologies.

Q: Which cleaning solvent formula should I use, and when?

A: Tetra® Gun Copper Solvent is most commonly used in the bore to eliminate stubborn fouling, although shooters have used it successfully on many metal gun parts.  Once you have allowed Copper Solvent sufficient time to work in the bore or on other metal parts, spray those surfaces with Tetra® Gun Action Blaster™ to help remove excess solvent residue.  

After using Tetra® Gun Liquid Blue, use Tetra® Gun Spray in the same way.  Tetra® Blue & Rust Remover is intended to be used as a primer to the Liquid Blue, as well as to prepare flash rusted surfaces before re-lubricating.  

The new Tetra® Gun Powder Solvent is made for regular bore cleaning.  Once again, spray down with Tetra® Gun Spray afterwards.  In any case, be careful not to use any solvents on non-metal surfaces.

Tetra® Gun Triple Action™ CLP is an all-in-one formula that you will find in our ValuPro™ III kits.  Triple Action™ is a cleaning solvent combined with lubricating and protecting properties.  After using Triple Action™, use Tetra® Gun Grease or Lubricant for added treatment.

Q: Which brushes should I use, and when?

A: You need to select the brush, jag, and/or mop that matches the caliber/gauge of your barrel.  From there, whether you go with nylon or brass is up to you. Also, choose the right sized cotton patches with your patch holder or jag since you want a snug fit that will provide enough tension as you run the patch through the bore.

Q: Are your rods coated?

A: Yes, Tetra® Gun Prosmith™ Premium Rods are coated to protect the barrel from potential scratching, and help minimize additional fouling contamination.  However, we do offer other sectional rods from our ValuPro™ line that are not coated.

A: Tetra® Gun grease, inventory nearly 30 years ago, is a unique synthetic lubricant formula.  As it states on the label, it is a “Fluoropolymer Penetrating Heavy-Duty Grease Lubricant.”  It does not contain lithium.